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****** World´s Best Future Award 2011 - 2013 ******

Some of the best websites!

Future I Gold I Silver I Bronze

****** World´s Best Future Award 2013 ******

2013, July: Die Mondfrau Webseite und Awardprogramm ak 8 C2,3
2013, March: Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic ak 7 C2

****** World´s Best Future Award 2012 ******

Winners open in the same window, the current month on top.

2012, October: D.I.D. A Legitimate Diagnosis ak y C2
2012, May: Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Program ak 0 C2
2012, May: Rock N' Roll Land C2
2012, April: Fun Tyme Karaoke C2
2012, April: The Past Remembered - American Civil War ak z C2
2012, February: Ocupado.de Astrofotografie C2
2012, February: World Paper Currency Gallery C2
2012, January: Mystery World Portal C2
2011, November: Radio Pacis C2

****** Future Award 2011 ******

Future Minded

2011, October: Drei Lichter Esoterik Wien C2
2011, June: Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District #8 C2
2011, March : Proxima Centauri- Astronomie C2
2011, January: Petras Point ak 0 C3

Future Award 2010

2010, November: Space Travellers C1
2010, October: Wissenschaft Marcus Haas C1
2010, July: Das All C2
2010, June: The Extended Craxford Family Genealogy .. C2
2010, May: Reincarnations - Painted Furniture & Other..C3
2010, April: Tau Zero Foundation C1
2010, February: Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility C2

Future Award 2009

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2009, December: Award Museum Peter Bähr C2
2009, August: KurzweilAI.net C1
2009, July: Future Human Evolution C1
2009, July: Napoleon Empire C2
2009, June: World Paper Currency Gallery C2
2009, June: Award History C2
2009, June: Future For All C1
2009, May: Palletmasters Workshop C2
2009, May: O.N.Z.C.D.A™ C1, C2
2009, April: The Art Of Herb Sellin C3

Winners 2008

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2008, March: No Winner
2008, February: No Winner
2008, January: No Winner

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winners 2005 - 2007 ak 6

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