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Welcome to Timelines Award Program - established 2004!

Dear Friedrich,  
here are your new Time Award badges. 5/2014

Great Awards Programs Index

Dear friend Friedrich,
we are very honored and glad to accept your excellent Timelines Award Program as an effective member of GAPI - Great Awards Programs Index, please be welcome and accept our sincere congratulations! 2012, April

Distinct Member "Your award program has been with us for 5 years or more already, and regardless of the rating you may have reached by now, such loyalty and perseverance alone is worthy of our admiration and thanks." 2010, November

Notable Service "This award program has been rated by Award Sites! for at least five years . . . providing notable service through Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence!" 2009, August.

NovaSite! Timelines is honored as NovaSite! in 2008 November, "A site shining brightly with
excellence and more for all to see." At least one worthy site is selected monthly by the Brothers Grinn's through their online travels of awarded sites by rated award programs listed at Award Sites!

Lupércio Mundim

Time Award owner

The Time Award membership badge

Awards Museum Member

Hi Friedrich,
Thank you so much to participate of Awards Museum, see the page of
Timelines Awards: http://www.awardsmuseum.topsites.bz/timelines.htm

Best regards,
Lupércio "Lupe" Mundim
Awards Museum owner. 2014, January 13th.

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Access Key Statement

You can navigate Timelines Award Program with access keys without using a mouse.

Timelines indexpage: acess key (ak) 1, from there to the english pages: (ak) a, german: (ak) g. Award Program: (ak) 2, Awards Won: (ak) 3, Webmaster: (ak) 4, Sitemap: (ak) 5.

Use alphabetically keys starting with a to navigate through the pages (except e). Go from the full version to the textversion with 0, back to the full version with 9. Open javawindows with the keys you can read on a page.

Read more in the new Access Key Tutorial (2008) in the webmaster's section.

welcome Read more about sign language here.

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AwardSites! rating 4.5 Prime Member W3C Compliance

Notable Service- rated 5 plus years

United Web Site Award Givers rating badge level 5

Distinct Member- Rated 5+ years

Rated by WebsAwards level 5 - closed

AWARD rated level 5

WSAPTRONIC Award-Index Rating Level 6

Rated Level Elite 5 from The International Web Award Rating Association - closed.

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Please take the time to read the purpose, the disqualifiers you should avoid, and criteria that your website should meet to win an award before applying.

All applicants are contacted within approximately 4 - 6 weeks. Each applicant is given postive feedback, even if their website is not awarded at the present time.

You should be at least 18 years old, and also be the webmaster of the site that you submit for evaluation.

Sites in English, German, Dutch and Russian language are reviewed.

What's New? Javawindow ak 6, What's New 2007 Javawindow, Part 1 , Part 2

Testimonials - Javawindow ak 7

Achievements - Javawindow ak 8, 2006, 2005

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Bronze Seal of Approval - javawindow ak y

Tutorial Contributor - javawindow ak z

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Kindness - Patience - Humanity

The dividers set regularly on all pages are "up - to - top" links. A gray scale feature has been added to all pages for visitors who have low vision (it works in Internet Explorer). To revert the page back to the color version, simply click on the navigation to the left of the page or at the bottom.

Award Community News - closed

A text - only version is available at the bottom of every page. There is an email - link to contact the awardmaster at the bottom of every page, simply click " Copyright Timelines 2003 - 2012".

External links open in a new window.

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Timelines Awardprogram offers a newly designed website evaluation and winner graphics. Applicants may display a nominee badge . At the end of every year a website is selected from all of the winning sites to become the Site Of The Year.

The HTML Writers Guild

The International Webmasters Association

W3Csites.com Listed

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Best viewed in Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 or higher, at 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution, Opera 9.51, Safari and Lynx.

Please read every page of the Timelines Award Program carefully, and take the selftest.

This is a step by step award program. I am sure, that if you take every step, you will succeed in earning a Timelines award for your website.

Please take the time to have a look at the resources page (opens in a java window). Please read Photoshop Tutorial and also the Fonts Tutorial (new 2008) in the webmaster section. Also please visit my credits page, where you may view all the friendship awards I have received from my internet friends.

All award winners will be listed in the winners list.

Weekly updated. Last update and Xenu link check: 2018, October 14th.

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