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Application - form only available in the fullversion of the page - link at the bottom of the page.

If the application form does not work, please send me an e- mail ak 6 with your name, e-mail address, the URL of your site, and a short description of your site!

Please write the correct word in the application form, where you are asked "I have read the criteria- fill in the correct word".

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You will find the secret word if you have read all pages of the criteria, content, presentation and design of Timelines Awardprogram. I think that is fair as you have asked Timelines to read all of your pages and to evaluate it for an award.

To nominate a site as a candidate for the Future Award, please go to the full version.

Nominee Badge -
you can download this nominee badge and display it at your website. You are not allowed to alter the size of the graphic: 125 x 125 pixel.

If you are a SOA- participant- Seal Of Approval, I will vote for you at the UWSAG Site. SOA - badge.

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