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Friedrich Hornischer(owner and evaluator of Timelines Awardprogram).

I have experience in creating and designing websites since 2003 with my own site
"Timelines". "Timelines" describes and shows my special view of space and time over the years. I evaluate sites in German and English language. - I completed the software tutorial for the PC "Driver License" in 2002. I also learned by working with the Microsoft Office Developer Kit. I have completed tutorials to optimize images for the web, working with Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS, and completed tutorials to build a website in working with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

UWSAG official badge , WebsAwards Evaluator badge - closed, Tutorial Contributor

I leart the basics of HTML, webdesign and W3C accessibility from reading special books and literature. Most of all I learnt from those awardgivers who gave me feedback and told me what to do to improve the layout, design, navigation, alttags and metatags, keep constant backgrounds, get faster loading time and fix horizontal scrolling. To them I say a big "thank you!" for taking their time to give feedback for my sites!

Sites I have designed: Timelines, Musik Friedel, Timelines Webdesign, Alleinunterhalter Hans A. , Human Evolution 2

Most of all I learnt from UWSAG staff, to them I want to say a big "thank you!", especially to Tony and Jo! I had also the fortune to read the UWSAG site completely as I translated it into German- this brought the deepest insights to me.

UWSAG Forum, german, english- graphics copyright UWSAG.

I have gained experience in evaluating sites for some award programms, which are closed now: Poetic Excellence Awards and A.C.E. Awards by Judy Gavette, and in evaluating sites for DAI (reopened) and AECI by Dieter Schneider.

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ICEP badge - closed

The purpose of The I.W.A.R.A. Certified Evaluator Program is to recognize the hard work and the ethical endeavors of award program owners who tirelessly evaluate sites.

I.W.A.R.A. Certified Evaluators have taken the time to make their programs one the best on the Internet. They expect all of their applicants to earn their awards through hard work!

Current evaluator for:

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WebsAwards Evaluator badge - closed

Evaluatorbadge for Nautical Awards

Evaluatorbadge JerryD's Award

Evaluator Elite Award Index

Evaluatorbadge for Lorelei Awards closed

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