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In this area, you will read more about the person behind Timelines.

Credits to Cynthia Jones, Owner and Evaluator of Giving Words for proof reading also my articles in English language. She gave me again many wonderful suggestions for my pages. Her writing is first-class.

Sign Language welcome

The center of sign language in our brain is located in a different area than the language center for the spoken language. It has been developed during the evolution of humans long before the language center for the spoken language has been developed in brain, as humanoids communicated with each others only with gestures.

Today, the sign language is recognized as an independent language the deaf people communicate with each other. Also in the sign language there are different country-specific versions, there is the ÖGS in Austria, in Germany the DGS, and in America the ASL- American Sign Language.

Try to learn sign language- it is more than learning another language.

Copyright Timelines 2008.

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More Informations about ASL you can read here. http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/asl.asp ext.

On this site you can even download the True Type Fonts of the American Sign Language for Windows. http://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/ ext.

More information about the German Sign Language you can get here. http://www.visuelles-denken.de/Schnupperkurs.html ext.

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Sites I have designed: Timelines , Musik Friedel , Timelines Webdesign , Alleinunterhalter Hans A. , Human Evolution 2

You will also find a Photoshop Tutorial to make your images smaller and better for displaying on the web, a Fireworks Tutorial and an Access Key Tutorial.

The following articles will share the thoughts and views of the webmaster, describing the far away future, the past, and our own existence in the present time.

As a summary, you will be introduced to visions of the future and see small digital art designed by Friedrich that open in a java window.

*The Person* , *Photoshop Tutorial* , *The Next Step* , *Before Big Bang* , *A Link
, *Visions* , *Fonts Tutorial* , *Access Key Tutorial*

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Java window- only in fullversion site.

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