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Please ensure that you have taken the selftest before you apply, this will help you to see if your site complies with the requirements of the Timelines Awardprogram. The correct answers are shown in green (yes) and red (no) beside all questions. (in fullversion).

1. Are your pages viewable for all ages? yes

2. Does your site show racism and hatred? no

3. Does your site show nudity or pornography? no

4. Are your pages under construction? no

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5. Do your pages show horizontal scrolling at any resolution? no

6. Do your pages show (many) script errors? no

7. Is it possible to turn the music off ? yes

8. Do your pages show internal broken links? no

9. Do you give credits where necessary? yes

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10. Do you use your own material on at least 10 pages? yes

11. Is your presentation legible and on a consistent background? yes

12. Do you show a concept throughout your whole presentation? yes

13. Do your pages have many ads and popups? no

14. Is your website easy to navigate with up, back and next buttons? yes

15. Do external and internal links open properly? yes

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16. Does your site require special plugins or downloads? no

17. Do your pages have long loading times? no

18. Do you have Meta , Alt and Title tags on all of your pages? yes

19. Is your site updated regularly? yes

20. Is there a copyright and privacy statement? yes

21. Are your pages certified with a family friendly and child safe label? yes

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22. Are your rated and independent awards presented separately? yes

23. Do you present awards won with laudations and dates given? yes

24. Did you read the disqualifiers? yes

25. Do you use a W3C valid HTML code and css? yes

26. Does your site meet the basic 508 Accessibility Standards? yes

27. Do your pages view properly in Internet Explorer and Netscape? yes

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28. Is your website bilingual or multilingual? yes

29. Do you have a "What's New" page to show the latest updates? yes

30. Is it easy to contact the webmaster, from every page? yes

31. If you use flash animations, is it possible to skip them? yes

32. Have you not disabled right- clicking, so that it is possible to see the source code? yes

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After taking the selftest please then go to the next page and fill in the application form. Please take care to type in the *** secret word *** where you are asked "I have read the criteria- fill in the correct word". If you have not yet seen the word, you should read the pages again to find it!

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