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It is a great honor for me to win these beautiful awards. Thank you very much for visiting my site. Awards for the new site: Awards for the new designed W3C valid site - won before 2006 February 7th. Awards won for the redesigned site: Blue-New

*** All awards won reflect also the personal opinions of the awardgivers. ***

NovaSite! Timelines is honored as NovaSite! in 2008 November, "A site shining brightly with
excellence and more for all to see." At least one worthy site is selected monthly by the Brothers Grinn's through their online travels of awarded sites by rated award programs listed at Award Sites!


Hallo Friedrich,

anlässlich des 10jährigen Bestehen meines Pemaweb Award Programm möchte ich Dir hiermit meinen Sonderaward überreichen.
Er soll ein kleines Dankeschön für die Hilfe, Ratschläge und konstruktiver Kritik, was ich von Dir bekommen habe, sein. Dies alles braucht man auch, um mit einem solchen Programm ein so lange Zeit überstehen zu können. Ebenso möchte ich auch damit für die tolle Zusammenarbeit mit Dir meinen Dank zum Ausdruck bringen.
In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Dir recht viel Freude und die besten Erinnerungen mit dieser kleinen Aufmerksamkeit.

Lieben Gruß
Peter 2011, May 13th. Pemaweb Award Programm

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Dear friend Friedrich,
It is with great joy and honor that I receive you as an honorable member of the Time Award, granting to you the 5 Anos Online badges:
Put one or all of these badges in your website with a link to: http://www.lupe.ws/English/
When your website completes the next anniversary, notify me and I will send you the corresponding badge, you don't need to reapply.
Best regards,
Lupércio Mundim 2008, September 12th.
Time Award

The Time Award membership badge 1/2013

Dear Friedrich,  
here are your new Time Award badges. 5/2014


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What's New? New awards won ak 6 , Part 1 ak 7 , Part 2

blue- new Platinum "best of the best" award for 2006 - Linda blue- new javawindow ak 8

blue- new Panzys Award - Anita Eberline blue- new javawindow blue- new ak 0

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Current Nominee Badges - javawindow ak k

My special thanks for feedback go to Tony Duthoo, who called my attention to the spelling
errors of my site in English language. Now I use JSpell spellchecker to correct them.

My next thanks go to Sandra Gerbers and Ian Conklin, who called my attention to the wasted areas of my pages- I corrected the layout and design of all my pages.

My next thanks go to Anita Eberline. She suggested to correct the mouse curser at my site
on all links to java- windows: I have corrected all links to java- windows, and the
window- close links.

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One more thanks go to Fabrizio Sesana, who called my attention to add more "up to top"
buttons to my site- I have done now.

My thanks go also to Liza Kliko, who told me to use tables- I have made tables at all my
new main pages now.

Credits to J.A. Phillips, who called my attention to change the background - pattern of my site for a more “harmonious” look. I have worked on the background graphic “stars” with Paint Shop Pro, and now a pattern is nearly invisible and my graphics now do not clash with it.

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" I cracked the Keyhole Hunt! "- javawindow ak l

***Millennium Award Site of the Year for 2005***- javawindow ak m

" A life that made a difference" - javawindow ak n

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