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What you should not show

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Step One.

If your website shows one of the disqualifiers listed below, you will be notified. The evaluation will then be put on "stand by" for two weeks giving you the chance to correct the disqualifying items found. If you choose not to change the disqualification points, you will be notified that you have been disqualified. You may re-apply to Timelines Awards after an 8 week period has passed and you have made the correct amendments to your website.

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Evaluation is stopped immediately, if your website does not meet one of the following points below - part 2.

11) As a skilful webmaster you have not disabled right-clicking, so that it is possible to see the source code. - Evaluators need to see the HTML coding of your pages by using the right-click option of their mouse. You should be proud to show the good coding that has created your pages!

12) You also know as responsible site owner, that all parts of your website should be open to visit without having to use a password. A section of your website may be protected by a password, such as login for staff members, all other pages should be accessible.

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13) As you are responsible and conscientious, your pages will not show content depicting racism, discrimination or hatred. Your pages will not show nudity (except nudity in an artistic context)- or pornography.

14) Acting as a conscientious webmaster, if you use material that is not your own you give credit to the creator and always ask for permission first. If somebody wishes to use your material at his or her website, I am sure that you would like to have been asked permission to use it.

15) You feel like a responsible webmaster, and so you will load the images you use at your site up to your own server, because you do not like to steal bandwidth.

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16) You will always make sure, that none of your pages has a loading time of two minutes or over on a 56 k modem. - You can shorten the loading time, if you reduce the size of the graphics you use. For more information please read Photoshop tutorial in the webmaster section.

17) You are proud to present the awards won for your site at a special page, and you will provide an awards won page, also if you have not won an award yet.

18) You have counted the number of pages you have created- and as a good webmaster you will make sure that you have used your own material on at least 10 pages. Awards won pages, copyright, privacy, links and contact pages are not counted towards content.

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19) You know, that your site is only evaluated, if you are the owner and creator of the site, and if you are at least 18 years of age.

20) A conscientious webmaster will fill in the correct word in the application form, where he is asked "I have read the criteria- fill in the correct word". I am sure you will fill in "Simon" .

21) As you have asked the evaluators of this award program to evaluate your site, you will accept the award you can win, display it within 7 days, without altering the size of the graphic, and not reject it. I am sure you don´t want to be disqualified from every future application. You are not allowed to alter the size of the graphic.

Webmasters of nominated winner- pages are free to decide if they want to display the awardgraphic on their pages or not.

Have you fixed all of these disqualifying items too? Great job!

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