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Step One.

If your website shows one of the disqualifiers listed below, you will be notified. The evaluation will then be put on "stand by" for two weeks giving you the chance to correct the disqualifying items found. If you choose not to change the disqualification points, you will be notified that you have been disqualified. You may re-apply to Timelines Awards after an 8 week period has passed and you have made the correct amendments to your website.

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Evaluation is stopped immediately, if your website does not meet one of the following points below - part 1.

1) So that we will evaluate your site, it should be written in English and German language.

2) As you would like to be a good webmaster, your site should be open for all ages, and this you should state at your pages with SafeSurf label. It is easy to create a Safe Surf label including valid tags on all of your pages. Please visit these sites to create your label, then upload your code into the header of your pages.

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3) As a good webmaster you should avoid generating popups. Sometimes a website may present wonderful content, but too many ads and popups detract from the presentation. The award is not for advertising and popups.

4) As a good webmaster you know, that a website is updated constantly, so do not state "under construction". Firstly build your pages with your software, then upload it to your web server to show your efforts to the internet community!

5) As a good webmaster you should make sure, that your site does not show horizontal scrolling in 768 x 1024 screen resolution (Changed 2008 August 27) . It is easy to make tables or layers so that they comply with screen resolutions. You can also center tables so that your pages look good in all screen resolutions.

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6) A good webmaster would make sure, that all internal links open in the same window, except small windows for additional information. If external links open in a new window, your visitors will not leave your site, they can close the window after viewing and easily return!

7) Being a responsible webmaster you should not change visitors mouse cursors, expect them to dowload software ( forced or otherwise ) in order to view your site or redirect them to other sites. New 2008: No one likes not knowing what is being downloaded to their computer and visitors like to know that what they are downloading is safe. Visitors also like to be assured that where you are redirecting them to are safe and secure sites.

8) If you have music on your site, sometimes it can create a special mood. However, one is not always in the mood to hear music, sometimes silence is preferred. Every radio or CD player has a button to switch off music, please ensure that you have also created this option.

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9) A responsible webmaster will make sure that his site is not only a link collection. Write your own content as that is what your visitors are interested in! List your favourite links in a specially dedicated section.

10) If you use flash animations with long loading times, it should be possible to skip them. As you are a skilful webmaster, it will be easy for you to add this option to a flash page.

Have you fixed all of these disqualifying items? Then go to page 2. ak 6

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