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** Bronze Award of Excellence 2007 **

Winners open in a java window on click, the current month on top.

Innovative I Gold I Silver I Bronze

2007, December: No Winner

2007, November: McCartney's Journeys in Genealogy ak 6

2007, November: Here There Be Mice ak 7

2007, October: No Winner

2007, September: No Winner

2007, August: Fite Family ak 8

2007, August: Waidangong Introduction ak 0

2007, August: Blessings Cornucopia ak z

2007, July: No Winner

Timelines Award Program has upgraded to rating 4.5 Prime Award at AwardSites in July. Winners of the 4.0 rated award can apply for the higher rated award and the new award graphics.

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2007, June: Portraits by John Burton ak y

2007, May: No Winner

2007, April: Eileen Colpi- Showcasing her art

2007, March: Turmouil leads to hope TLTH

2007, March: NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn

2007, February: No Winner

2007, January: Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery

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Winners 2006

2006, December: No Winner

2006, November: No Winner

2006, October: No Winner

2006, September: No Winner

2006, August: No Winner

2006, July: No Winner

2006, June: No Winner

2006, May: No Winner

2006, April: No Winner

2006, March: Betty C. Jung's Website

2006, March: Keyboards for Christ Music/ Award Program

2006, February: No Winner

2006, January: No Winner

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Winners 2005

2005, October: Keyboards for Christ Music Program

2005, July: Utterly Pointless

2005, June: Troop 55


Innovative I Gold I Silver I Bronze

winners 2008 - 2013

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