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Human Evolution 2

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Harald Fritsch, university of Munich

Because of the force of gravity the first bigger concentrations of matter were effective
to the surrounding masses. As a consequence even more matter concentrated in the dense
regions. Big clouds of hydrogen and helium glided through the more and more expanding

Credits to Harald Fritzsch

These clouds concentrated during time because of the mass attraction inside the clouds.
Most of these clouds of gas began to rotate, like an ice - skater that turns and presses
his arm against his body. From theses clouds of hydrogen and helium developed big rotating
accumulations of matter, the predecessors of galaxies. Inside the clouds of gas matter
concentrated more and more. There developed relatively small ball shaped structures. The
force of gravitation concentrated this matter more and more, till finally the first
thermonuclear reactions started- the fusion of hydrogen- nucleuses to helium and other
atomnucleuses. The first stars were shining through the darkness of the intergalactic
space. It became light. This development that started about 15 billion years ago will now
characterize cosmos for a long time. It is distinguished by continuously changes, by birth
of new structures, but also by continuously death of outdated structures. It is
interesting that even such big structures like galaxies go through a process of evolution.
Shortly after their birth they include many massive stars that shine particularly bright.

Copyright Harald Fritzsch. Professor for Theoretical Physics at the University of Munich.

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The temperatures now were ideal for the development of a new quality: matter that
developed a growing spirit. Because there was the condition of galaxies and planet-
systems, the spirit of the various living beings in their culture developed the necessary
insights for an enduring life together- in a long evolutionary period of try and error:
politics for peace, saving the natural environment, and being conscious of the past and
present structure of the universe.

Hans Moravec- Robotic Institute

Credits Hans Moravec

The spirit began to colonize space step by step, developed spaceflight, new thoughts, insights and capabilities and used and increased the power of brain. By
exploring the own genome and technological implants the species could keep and lengthen
its own life more and more. So there were the conditions for exploring far star- systems
and whole galaxies during a long time and over long distances. The species recognized life
as a codepattern and could keep this pattern separated from its body. Also the patterns of
individuals that had lived in former times could be restored. There developed a network of
more and more clear thinking, a bubble of spirit that expanded nearly with the speed of
light. Cyberspace got bigger than spacetime which it replaced. Brain and body were
replaced by equivalent simulations. The world from the atom till to the solar system was
coded as an emulation in the submicroworld of machines.

Frank J. Tipler- Physics of Immortality

Spirit could prevent with cosmic intervention that the universe expanded further on and so
would become too cold for life. Some thoughts, inspired by F.J.Tipler and Hans Moravec,
copyright F.Hornischer

Credits Frank J. Tipler

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