Timelines of the Galaxies

Galaxies develop during time

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Human Evolution 2

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Lifetime of galaxies ~ 100 Trillion Years.

Development of our galaxy.

1) 1 billion years after the big bang the first galaxies develop because of small
unregularities of the distribution of matter after the big bang. This has been proved by
satellite cobe finding little temperature variations of the cosmic background radiation reminding of big bang. Image Copyright F.Hornischer - Credits to NASA.

2) Because of matterconcentration of hydrogen in corresponding intensity suns catch fire
with nuclear fusion in the center of it.

Spiral Galaxy, Explosion of a supernova- images.

They consume their fuel in relatively short time of some million years and end in a
supernova- explosion. With it develop heavy elements they throw into space.

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3) From clouds of gas and dust with heavy elements by further rotation, collision and
concentration of matter develop suns of the second generation. Solarsystem with planets of
rock and gas

They can develop planets, on which life can develop.

4) Weak shining galaxies also develop which have too less matter to initiate nuclear fusion in stars.

5) Galaxies collide because of their gravitational attraction and so build big assembles
of clusters and superclusters.

Cluster of galaxies- image.

6) When galaxies do not collide for a long time, the suns of the 1st generation, then the suns of the 2nd and 3rd generation burn out over many billions of years. The galaxy shines more and more weakly until only burned out ashes and black holes will remain.

Copyright Timelines. Images credits to Nasa.

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