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Human Evolution 2

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Test your knowledge.

The correct answer will give you a green light.

1) How long will our solar system probably exist from its birth until its end ?

a) Some 1000 years: no

b) 10 billion years: yes

c) 100 trillion years: no

2) How long will galaxies probably exist ?

a) Some 1000 years: no

b) 10 billion years: no

c) 100 trillion years: yes

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3) When will all matter approximately degenerate ?

a) In some million years: no

b) In some billion years: no

c) In 10 ^37 years: yes

4) When could Human Civilization approximately reach Type 3 ?

a) In some million years: no

b) In some billon years: no

c) In 5800 years: yes

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There are many wonderful American and British authors.

Most of the books I have read in German language. See my German literature page.

Steven Hawking, Ray Kurzweil, John Barrow, HansMoravec, Carl Sagan, Frank J. Tipler, Paul
Davies, John Gribbin, David Rifkin, Banesh Hoffmann, Steven Weinberg, Jack Cohen, Jan
Stewart, Rodney Brooks, Michio Kaku etc.

English translation from Hermann Langbein, Eugen Kogon is available.

Link to amazon. com Amazon.co.uk

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