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Human Evolution 2

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The origin of all - and the end of all?

The Big Bang- with it originated space and time, 14 billion years ago.

1) Big Bang: 10^-43 sec.: details unknown.

2) 10^-43 till 10^-33 sec.: origin particle soup, origin of matter, x-particles decay,
plasma, quarks and antiquarks develop, more quarks than antiquarks remain.

Credits to Cern.

3) 10^-33 till 10^-6 sec.: quarks cool down from 10^28°to 10^14°

4) 10^-6 till 10^-3 sec.: protons develop, quarks and antiquarks destroy each other, more
quarks than antiquarks remain at last >> 3 quarks build a nukleus: a proton and a neutron.

5) 10^-3 till 100 sec.: it cools down to 1 billion degrees, neutrinos uncouple. Electrons
and positrons destroy each other, photons are made. Radiation dominated era.

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6) 100 seconds till 30 minutes: it cools down till under 900 million degrees, proton and
neutron get together amount to deuterium. Energy is emitted as photons. Deuterium
collides: >> so a nukleus of helium develops, all neutrons are captured during the
synthesis of helium.

7) 30 minutes till 1 million years: atoms are developed: protons and nuklei of helium
capture electrons and are electrically neutral. Radiation uncouples. (Before it neutrinos
had uncoupled).

8) 1 billion years till 15 billion years matter contracts, galaxies, stars, planets and
living beings develop: matter dominated era.
Copyright F.Hornischer

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Future developments:

~ after 100 Trillion years: Stellar Era ends, in 10^37 years: Degenerate Era, in 10^38 years: Black Hole Era, in 10^100 years: Dark Era.

Will Human Civilization survive?

The power of the human brain will probably change and rearrange the fate of the universe in such a way that we cannot imagine it at all. The spirit and intelligence will be such strong forces in the universe, that after the radiation-dominated era and the matter-dominated era we will speak about the spirit/ intelligence-dominated era. Intelligence will deal with the other strong forces of the universe in such a way, that the fate of the universe cannot be predicted today. Intelligence will have unthinkable possibilities to change the development of the universe, so that we cannot predict the end of life in universe any longer. Copyright Timelines.

Credits to Nova Online - see flashmovie on click - only in fullversion.

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