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Human Evolution 2

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We change everything - in some 1000 Years ???

Humans determine all developments with their technology.

By further development of our knowledge and using our technology we will

1) rebuild and extend our own body and brain.

Step by step during time we will change and build also the developments in the other timelines. Image copyright F. Hornischer. We will

2) rebuild our solar system, settle it and arrange it to our own well-being.
Images: Mars colonies, settle down at planet mars, habitats at mars. Credits to Discovery Channel.

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Images: spaceflight. Space stations in the cosmos. Space Station DS9.

We will afterwards

3) settle our galaxy and use it as an area to live.

Credits to Kubrick Movie poster and Startrek.

We will…

4) Possibly influence the development of the whole universe.

We distinguish between Type 1 civilization, Type 2 and Type 3 civilization. Type 1 can use the energy of its planet, Type 2 can use all the energy of its sun, and Type 3 can use all the energy of the stars in its galaxy. When our technology is growing as it is now, we will have reached the maximum of all the energy of our planet in the next century, the maximum of all the energy of our sun in 3200 years- maybe earlier, and in 5800 years the maximum of all the energy of the stars of our galaxy.

According to the Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardaschew the development of intelligent life
in universe can be summarized in three steps - types of civilizations, corresponding to
the sources of energy accessible to it. This organization was complemented by Prof. Dr.
Michio Kaku "Visions of the Future" with civilization type 0 and type 4, as well as in
combination with Star Trek.

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One day our universe will be destroyed by shrinking together (opposite of the big bang): the big crunch, or after billions of years of expansion because of decay to electrons and neutrons. Even a civilization of type 3 is powerless against this, because the machines of that civilization will not withstand the effects of the infinitive high temperatures of the big bang (big crunch), nor the cooling down of the universe to the absolutely zero- point.

Michio Kaku writes:
"In both sceneries the universe and with it the intelligent life perishes sometime. Such
an end seems to be the last existential absurdity: Millions of years intelligent life is
fighting till it is rising from morass and grabs to the stars, only to be swept away with
the death of the universe." (Visions of the future)

Only a civilization of type 4 theoretically would have a chance to manipulate the tissue
of space and time with unthinkable big cosmic energies in such a way, that it could save
itself going to a different universe through a wormhole. It is finally the last chance of
intelligent life, that assumes a "Theory of Everything", a theory which combines
gravitation, electromagnetism, strong and weak power in nukleuses and the continuum of
spacetime, the 4th column of natural science. Even Albert Einstein who was the first who
postulated this theory, could not formulate it during the last 30 years of his life.

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In Star Trek Universe the mysterious species Q (in Star Trek TNG since episode 42 "Q Who")
has the ability to manipulate space, time, matter and energy at will. Copyright Michio

We see and cause the transitional period from the matter-dominated area of the universe to
the area which is dominated by the ongoing developing human brain/ the ongoing developing
intelligence. Copyright Timelines.

Credits to ECON Taschenbuchverlag
Head and Brain

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