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***Before Big Bang***

Let us see some analogies of developments.

Look at the development of living beings.

The fertilization of an egg- cell is a completely different event than the origin of cell- structures according to the building- plan of genes.

A child has no idea about its origin, until it is told the facts of life and at a certain age when puberty begins.

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The young child has no idea, that from such tiny things like an egg- cell and a sperm- cell a fetus can originate, which develops in a mother’s body into a baby, by switching on and off genes. The baby comes into the world at its birth.

Over years of physically and mentally development through the phases of a child and a teenager it becomes a young adult, who further develops during his whole life.

Similar to that, we have no idea how the universe has developed until we have developed our thinking and capabilities to a point that we can understand the beginning with a Big Bang and it expands further on.

The procedure of the origin of the universe is quite probably, or at least likewise, a completely different procedure than the development of the universe. Quite possibly the same as the genealogy of a baby is something completely different than the growing up of the child.

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Because we are children of the universe, the development and the emergence of the universe
must reflect in our own origin and development!

Thinking of a brain can recognize its organism, and how it has developed.

Further developed cosmic thinking will recognize its universe, and in some future time
recognize through which it has started.

We will know: What was before Big Bang?

This will be a really great realization! Then we will be cosmic adults!

Copyright Friedrich Hornischer 2004

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