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***The Person***

Webmaster Friedrich Hornischer

After a heavy traffic accident as a teenager, Friedrich began to rethink and reorganize his life. It was a pivotal moment that caused him to look deeply at his own life, and that influenced his studies of all existence, from its origin to present. What Friedrich learned was a pattern in past developments that would allow one to use that knowledge and to foresee future developments.

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Friedrich is thankful to wonderful helping hands. It is these hands that can help so much, because they have suffered so much themselves.

Friedrich created “Timelines” in 2003 and his pages are labeled by ICRA and Safe Surf Rated. “Timelines” is the group homepage of a science forum with approximately 280 members. These pages show developments during the time of humans, the solar system, our galaxies, our universe, and visions of the future. Attention has been given to describe and illustrate every timescale presented.

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Friedrich enjoys reading science books that explain cosmic developments. Another favorite pass time of this webmaster is to visit “Star – Trek” – universe and other fantasy worlds. Credit goes to the Harry Potter Game for the image to the left.

In 2004 Timelines Awardprogram was introduced and is now rated by several World Wide Rating Organizations. Friedrich’s experience includes Windows Office, Photoshop, Web Design, and he currently uses a Pentium PC along with an Athlon Notebook.

The purpose of Timelines Awardprogram is to honor innovative content, design, art, excellence in presentation, sites that are bilingual and sites that have a valid HTML code.

Friedrich would like to give a special thank you to his brothers Oberstudienrat Professor Magister Alois Hornischer, and Dipl. Ing. Dr. Rudolf Hornischer for their support. Copyright Timelines 2005.

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