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Human Evolution 2

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We are unable to imagine how the power of the human brain will probably change and rearrange the fate of the universe.

The spirit and intelligence will be strong forces in the universe. After the radiation dominated area and the matter dominated area, we will then refer to the spirit intelligence dominated area.

Today we cannot predict how intelligence will deal with the forces of the universe, or the possibilities for change and development. Nor can the length of life be measured with the growth and progression of the spirit intelligence dominated area.

At present, we see the transitional period from the matter dominated area of the universe to the area which is dominated by the ongoing developing human brain, and that is the ongoing developing intelligence

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A union is formed with our intelligence and the artificial intelligence that we have created.

In some years to come, we will integrate intelligent technology into our lives in a way that can not be imagined today, and at that time we will feel is a matter of course.

Intelligence will dominate the universe, and it will build the whole universe.

Timelines Awardprogram wants to honor those sites that have an open mind for the coming developments in the next decades.

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