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Human Evolution 2

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***A Link Between***

When death and aging are no longer issues for us to be concerned about, we will have a different mindset and we will see eternity.

Those masses moving in our universe will be too mighty, but we will strive to understand them better.

Calculate the billions of years of evolution of organic matter, the billions of years of evolution of non- organic matter in space. What remains of you?

Calculate it, put it into relationship with your mind, your light, and the time you have.

Are your questions answered? Why are we here? Why do we develop and grow? Is one life time enough to understand it all? Perhaps we will need to do it again and again

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It will take a long time of development to become able to think about our own existence.

Before my existence, another human grew up and died. After my existence, another human will grow up and die. I am only a link between temporary existences.

I am temporary limited.

I am the predecessor of an existence that will come after me and will be much further developed than mine, and with many more capabilities than mine has.

Okay, what are the consequences for me and for all temporary existences?

Be aware, and contribute to better the current conditions.

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It is the growth and progression of intelligence that will give us the ability to always find more intelligent solutions for developing a future society, the production of goods, and the process of working, taking holiday and creating adventure worlds.

If I am able to recognize a process of development my whole life, what is it that I should do?

I should go on developing myself also, and I will grow more intelligent. With this mindset I will find more intelligent solutions.

The development has a beginning and a starting point. Where is the final point? How will existence end?

Intelligence develops on planets. Will it stay there?

Structures develop only because of gravity. As an example, we have a neatly rolled up cable cord that we take out of its bag. How often will that cord develop a knot automatically?

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A bigger intelligence has not to be bound to a planet, because the whole universe is
filled with gravity.

It could, in a cosmic view, develop a bigger intelligence from there- within larger

When intelligence will spread out, it could be hold by the gravity of a sun, or a galaxy,
or a cluster of galaxies. There are also no limits for its spreading out, as soon as it is
abel to keep itself alive also outside of a planetary atmosphere.

I can go a step back to see the whole scenery- the billions of years continuing

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