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Human Evolution 2 - Life in Space


xxx xxx x The Next Step x xxx xxx

Light is a different level of existence. It moves not longer through time, it moves perhaps in an over- arranged cotinuum.

When we are only a program, we will have no mass any longer and then we will be as fast as light going through time wherever we want and into the 5 th dimensional space. This is where all universes and their times are included.

A point moved on a line makes 1 dimension.

A line moved makes an area with 2 dimensions.

An area moved makes a room with 3 dimensions.

A room moved through time makes 4- dimensional spacetime.


xxx There is something higher, bigger, more beautiful and more wonderful. In space time I can move fee with light speed. It is because of this speed that mass becomes infinitive. I will not have mass when I reach it because a person consisting as a program has no mass. It is our thinking that will allow us to see space time in the next higher dimension.

The 4- dimensional space time moves in a 5- dimensional continuum.

We will fuse with our techniques. Perhaps our existence will run as a software program. As a program we have no mass any longer, - so our intelligence can spread with light speed. Then, we can go into a new continuum, where space time is embedded.

This continuum must be unbelievably big when the whole space time fits into it.

m^3 . t(time) = spacetime

m^3 . t . c(lightspeed) = spacetime multiplied with lightspeed.

l . b . h . t . c can be reached without mass - as a program.

As a program from the 4- dimesional spacetime I can reach the 5- dimensional spacetime - spirit - continuum.


xxx Thoughts are part of the 5- dimensional continuum. Based on the hardware in 4- dimensonal spacetime we can advance to the 5 th dimension and see where it leads us to and what it contains - past, present time, future and all places in space and time - it is eternity.

We cannot imagine this sphere, because we have not an organ developed for it.

We will see a completely new dimension. From there - in this spacetime- spirit- dimension we can describe spacetime with one formula.

Thinking as software, existence as pure spirit will let us see a new dimension we cannot imagine today, because our thinking today runs in brains based on carbon.

This is of course a quantum-leap, from the 4- dimensional spacetime to the 5- dimensional spacetime- spirit area.


xxx That which will be seen as a no mass, light fast program of our intelligence, can not be described today. In some seconds we will overview our universe and see which structure it is located, and then become aware of how it works.

We will have order over increased intelligence and consciousness, so we will see and understand how to experience space time in this over- arranged structure. There we will find solutions for some equations, and find equations for connections that we can not comprehend today.

High speed thinking and high capacity of computer calculation will open us the access to the next higher dimension.

Copyright Timelines 2004


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