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c- 4.5 rated
d- 4.0 rated

f - 3.5 rated
g- 3.0 rated

h- 2.5 rated


i - 3+ - 6 rated
j - A - 3 rated

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*** UWSAG rated 3 ***

Michaels Gold Award 2007 ak k

A Woman is - Webmaster's Excellence Award - Blue New ak l

NWESS Silver Award Blue New ak m

Michaels Silver Award Blue New - upgrade to gold ak n

Miachaels Award of Excellence Bronze upgrade to silver ak o

Bullygraphics Silver Award ak p

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*** UWSAG rated 2 + ***

Purple Moon Gold Award ak 8 , 2009

Mond Award ak 0, gewonnen 2009

Penmarric Platinum Award Blue New ak q

Hugs R Us Peace Award Diamond Blue New ak r

Hugs R Us Peace Award Gold ak s

Game- Puppet Award of Excellence 2005 ak t

*** UWSAG rated 2 ***

Barrettsnet Silver Award - golddesign ak u

Poetic Soul Silver Award Blue New ak v

Labore &c. Praemium Kiss Award ak w

Barrettsnet WebAwards Bronze 2004-2006 - upgrade to silver ak x

Mundim.net Bronze Award upgrade to silver ak y

Lexi's Animation Attic Gold Award 2005 ak z

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*** UWSAG rated 1 + ***

Rudolfs Wander Award Gold, Rudolfs Expert - Award - Blue New ak 6

Pamela Silver Award - Blue New - upgrade to Gold ak 7

Pamelas Bronze Award Of Excellence - upgrade to Silver

Rudolfs Wander Award upgrade to Gold and Expert


5+ rated I 5.0 rated I 4.5 rated I 4.0 rated I 3.5 rated I 3.0 rated I 2.5 rated AwardSites!

3+ - 6 rated I A - 3 rated by UWSAG

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