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d- 4.0 rated

f - 3.5 rated
g- 3.0 rated

h- 2.5 rated


i - 3+ - 6 rated
j - A - 3 rated

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*** UWSAG rated 6 ***

Awards won in 2007/ 2008

Firestarter Silver Award ak 0

Time Keeper Award of Excellence ak k

Tim's Golden Spider Award - WTA ak l

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Tim's Silver Spider Award - Golddesign - upgrade to gold ak m

Tim's Bronze Spider Award - upgrade to silver ak n

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*** UWSAG rated 5 ***

Awards won in 2012

Fun Tyme Gold Award ak o

White Swan Award of Excellence 2007

Fun Tyme Entertainment Gold Award - 2007 ak p

Fun Tyme Entertainment Silver Award - Golddesign - upgrade to gold ak q

Fun Tyme Entertainment Bronze Award - upgrade to silver ak r

*** UWSAG rated 4 ***

Awards won in 2009

Pelaqita Persians Gold Award ak 8

Awards won in 2008

It's Wishcraft Gold Award ak s

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Lagoon View Yacht Club Gold Award 2007 ak t

It's Wishcraft Silver Award - upgrade ak u

Ciosbahn Gold Award ak v

It's Wishcraft Silver Award - Golddesign ak w

Tamurilart Gold Award Blue New ak x

Firestarter Silver Award Blue New ak y

Thomas Sims Graves Silver Award ak z

Tamurilart Bronze Award upgrade to gold ak 6

It's Wishcraft Merit Award upgrade to silver ak 7

Firestarter Bronze Award upgrade to silver

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*** UWSAG rated 3 + ***

Awards won im 2012

MOND AWARD Excellence 2012

Pamela's Gold Award 2007

VSDA Silver Award Golddesign

Digby's Silver Award Golddesign

Digby's Merit Award upgraded to silver

VSDA Bronze Award upgrade to silver

Ciosbahn Silver Award upgraded to gold


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3+ - 6 rated I A - 3 rated by UWSAG

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